The Team

Stephen Hodgetts

Stephen Hodgetts

Working in the speciality food industry for over 40 years with a number of brands at Director level, Stephen has extensive experience in sales, marketing and export strategy.

With an established knowledge and experience of key retailers and distributors in both the UK and export markets, and successful management of sales for companies like Petty Wood, Cottage Delight, Artisan Biscuits /The Fine Cheese Co and Byron Bay Cookies, Stephen has established himself as a market expert.

Key Positions Held:

  Petty Wood – Field Sales Manager (16 years) – Responsible for a team of 30 sale personnel and sales of £20m.

  Cottage Delight – Sales & Marketing Director (10 years) – Grew sales £3.5m to £11m.

  Byron Bay Cookies – General Manager Europe (3 years) – Set up network of 22 café distributors across Europe.

  Artisan Biscuits – Managing Director (5 years) – Main Board Director with full responsibility for the day to day running of bakery with 100 staff and turnover of £6m.

Matthew Chiles (aka Mash)

Matthew Chiles (aka Mash)

With a background in Design, Sales and Marketing, Matthew, aka Mash, has over 10 years’ experience in the Specialty Foods, working in export and UK domestic markets. He has 10 years in Design Management at a senior level.

Mash was the Founder/MD at The Bath Pig Company and Sales Director at The Bay Tree Food Company for 6 years. Mash joined forces with Stephen and became a Gourmet Partner in January 2020.

He has strong relationships with domestic and export distributors; a clear, strategic understanding of key markets and successful brand & marketing strategies.

Key Positions Held:

Experience and contacts in Ambient Speciality Grocery, Confectionary, Health & Wellbeing and Organic/Bio.

Delivering long-lasting sales, creating progressive sales pipelines and seeking out opportunities into new domestic markets (i.e.: Food Service and Travel).

Developing sales and marketing strategies across trade/consumers platforms to drive brand awareness whilst maintaining sales & marketing relationships with existing distributors.

"You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things"

Mother Teresa

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